10 Luxurious Pieces of Furniture from the Bentley Home Collection

Some people say that the interiors of Bentley vehicles are as luxurious and comfortable as a well-appointed home.

Bentley has managed to merge the two with their new Bentley Home Collection.

The collection, designed by the architect Carlo Colombo and made in Italy, focuses on the study of proportions, forms, and comfort.

10 Luxurious Pieces from the Bentley Home Collection

In all Bentley Home Collection products, design is reinforced by masterful construction techniques.

Using a combination of luxurious fabrics and materials, the Bentley Home Collection is both functional and beautiful.

Below you will find 10 luxurious pieces of furniture from the Bentley Home Collection.

Bentley Home Stowe Sofa

Bentley home stowe sofa

The Bentley Home Stowe sofa is a modular sofa that is not only luxurious, but it is also functional.

The asymmetric play of the armrests and the clear proportions trace a solution with timeless elegance able to embellish contemporary living.

The sofa is enriched by an element wrapping the armrests, distinguished by the unmistakable Bentley diamond pattern.

Bentley Home Styal Desk

Bently Home Styal Desk

Designed by Carlo Colombo, the Bentley Home Styal Desk is a succession of sensual curves that run along its wooden frame.

Covered in leather or veneer, the Styal desk is broken down into four elements, subdivided by a metal profile, making it customizable in all aspects.

Bentley Home Ridley Chair

Bentley Home Ridley Chair

The Bentley Home Ridley chair has an elegantly designed “S” shape starting from the bottom as a base and evolves into a seat and back.

The lightness is emphasized by the beveled cut of the frame, which evokes the thin and aerodynamic lines typical of Bentley.

Bentley Home Stamford Sofa

Bentley home stamford sofa

The Bentley Home Stamford sofa is a three or four-seat sofa designed for comfort.

The enveloping lines of the ample chassis enclose the deep, structured seat.

The slightly recessed design of the armrest lends this sofa a contemporary feel.

Bentley Home Ramsey Bed

bentley home ramsey bed

The Bentley Home Ramsey Bed is a tribute to the famous flying wings of the Maison.

This luxurious bed features a headboard that is available in veneered Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore, Smoked Liquidambar, or Burr Walnut briar-root.

You can also get embroidery with the Bentley logo on the headboard or on the lateral sides.

The enveloping back forms a continuous contour with the line of the armrest and the structure is underscored by the profile in leather or fabric.

Bentley Home Aldford Table

Design and art come together in the lines of the Bentley Home Aldford table.

Presented in a choice of rectangular or circular versions, the Aldford table features an organic, seductive design, enhanced by the three layers that make up the top: the underside is lacquered in a glossy black, a metal profile runs around the perimeter, while the upper surface is in marble or glossy wood.

Bentley Home Sherwood Chairs

Bentley home sherwood charis

The Bentley Home Sherwood chairs are designed with an enveloping seat that contrasts with the slim, structured legs.

Available with or without armrests, the Sherwood chairs are enhanced by the elegant combination of leather and briar root.

Bentley Home Eastgate Sideboard Cabinet

bentley home cabinet

The Bentley Home Eastgate sideboard cabinet embodies exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

The piece features exquisite architectural characteristics, highlighted by the cutaway structure in elegant maple.

The leather covering of the doors adds refinement to a piece that is ideal for use in the dining room or the bedroom.

Bentley Home Morpeth Lamp

bentley home collection lamp

The Bentley Home Morpeth lamp is a linear floor or table lamp with a leather shade with slender openings that elegantly filter the light.

The decorative, minimalist briar root structure makes the Morpeth lamp a versatile, modern accessory.

Bentley Home Kingston Office Armchair

The Bentley Home Kingston office armchair combines design with comfort.

The back of the armchair is wrapped in a shell creating a contrast between the clean lines of the seats.

The frame is available in wood veneered Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore, Smoked Liquidambar, or Burr Walnut briar-root with an aluminum profile in gun-metal grey finishing.

How Much is The Bentley Home Collection

Because Bentley is a premium brand known for luxury and craftsmanship, the price of the Bentley Home Collection will reflect that.

Prices for individual pieces of furniture start around $4,000 and can go up to $15,000.

If you choose to buy several pieces from the collection for your home, you could easily spend upwards of $40,000.

Where to Buy Bentley Home Collection Furniture

The Bentley Home Collection is available at Luxury Living.

Visit the Bentley Motors website to learn more about the Bentley Home Collection.

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