Make the Most of Your Weekend with a Bespoke Post Subscription Box

On my last trip to Vegas, I planned to experience the city like the Rat Pack. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. had impeccable style, and I planned to recreate their look, if not their antics. I found a cool, 60s style suit at a local vintage store along with some cufflinks and a tie. I was sharp and ready to tackle Sin City.

As I traversed the airport, I felt as if something wasn’t right. I checked my pocket square. It was crisp and in place. I looked down at my shoes. They were shiny as expected. I walked a few more feet until I realized what was wrong. It was my luggage – a purple rolling bag. In my defense, I chose the color so it would stand out if I ever had to check my bag. Unfortunately, this spawn of Barney was killing my Rat Pack vibe. I’m sure Sammy Davis Jr never traveled with a rolling bag, and certainly not a purple one.

When I returned from the trip, I sought more suitable luggage for my weekend excursions. The Weekender Box from Bespoke Posta subscription club for guys that exposes men to up-and-coming trends in the categories of food, drink, fashion, travel, had exactly what I needed.

I opened the box to discover a Rat Pack-worthy canvas bag. It’s built with thick and capable canvas with an inner pocket and heavy-duty reinforced frame, so it’s able to endure your wildest adventures. The handles and buckles are quality leather and a rugged cotton webbing shoulder strap clips onto reinforced D-rings. The bag is available in multiple colors to customize your look. This bag’s sophisticated vibe will keep you looking sharp no matter where you’re headed.

The box also came with a bit of lagniappe – a Kind Breakfast Blueberry Almond bar and a Kind Fruit & Nut – Dark Chocolate Almond & Coconut bar.

So before your next journey, be sure to check out Bespoke Post and leave the purple rolling bag at home. Sammy wouldn’t approve.

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