Batteroo Technology Extends Battery Life

I spend at least 7-10 solid hours working on my computer every day. On the plus side, I manage to crank out a large amount of work. On the negative side, this heavy workload takes a toll on my Bluetooth mouse.

I regularly have the unpleasant experience of seeing the “Connection Lost” graphic pop up on my screen when I’m in the middle of working on an important project. I click the mouse buttons to no avail. Although I don’t want to admit it, I know the batteries have died and I have to scramble to find replacements. Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to have a stockpile of fresh batteries in my desk drawer. Other times, there is not a single battery to be found in my office and I have to interrupt my workday to go to the store and buy some.

Yes, I know this is a First World problem, but having my batteries die so frequently gets annoying after a while.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered a simple solution to this problem.


Batteroo Boost is an innovative battery enhancing sleeve that fits easily over disposable batteries helping you either extend your battery life or maximizing performance by tapping into all the energy that is available. Batteroo Boost’s innovations are a patented technology that is designed to work with your disposable batteries on a wide range of devices. Using a Batteroo Boost on your disposable batteries gives you peace of mind knowing you have gotten the most out of your batteries.

Not only does the battery sleeve make you more productive, but it also helps the environment. According to Batteroo’s research, over 15 billion batteries end up in landfills every year. Based on my usage, I’m sure that I’m responsible for at least 12% of those batteries. I always feel a bit guilty when I dispose of batteries because I know that I’m contributing potentially hazardous products to a landfill. The Batteroo Boost sleeves allow me to consume fewer batteries and lessen my guilt.

I’ve been using the Batteroo Boost sleeves in my Bluetooth mouse for about two weeks now (the batteries had already been in the mouse for about 12 days). So far, the batteries are going strong and I see no signs of performance issues.

Now I’m in the process of adding the sleeves to the batteries in my TV remote control and Xbox controller. I might as well give my entertainment options a boost too.

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