C-Aircross Concept: The Futuristic Compact SUV by Citroën

French car manufacturer, Citroën has revealed the C-Aircross Concept, a daring new vehicle with a strong and colorful identity. Its modern design offers the feeling of robustness and energy, along with an impressive, yet non-aggressive presence.

The design is visually enhanced by the protective trim found on the lower parts of the body. The Citroën Style team has cleverly combined seamless, flowing lines with the features of an SUV, on a compact body.

The C-Aircross Concept contrasts smooth surfaces with bold graphic elements that are brought to life with splashes of color. The blue body paint contrasts elegantly with Fluorescent Coral highlights, which bring out the fun side of this concept.

The brightly colored personalization elements can be seen around the headlights, on the wheels, on the side guards, and on the roof bars – which also incorporate LED lighting at the front.

The C-Aircross Concept features opposing opening doors, including rear-hinged doors at the back for better accessibility.


Citroën’s designers opted for an elevated one-piece dashboard, and for suspended and raised seats that complement the interior architecture – which is primarily horizontal in design for an impression of fluidity, modernity, and space.

In addition to the single spoke steering wheel (a nod to the brand’s heritage), the fabric-covered dashboard features a tinted ‘head-up display’, which is directly in the driver’s field of vision.

Information is displayed in colors that perfectly match the interior color scheme of the vehicle. In the middle of the dashboard, a 12-inch touchscreen takes center stage, displaying driving information and infotainment updates.

The lower center console extends from the front seats right through to the rear and boasts a number of useful storage spaces.

Entirely designed in a combination of light grey and orange, the floating dashboard features a large storage compartment that stretches right across the car.

CITROËN interior

To aid the driver, the steering wheel controls are easy to use. Key driving information is displayed within the driver’s field of vision via ‘head-up vision’ and ‘high-tech rear vision’ functions.

Two cameras take the place of traditional door mirrors. For an optimal view from the rear of the vehicle, a camera is integrated into the roof spoiler at the back of the car.

The C-Aircross Concept is equipped with a smart and intuitive Human-Machine Interface. The driver and front passenger are able to control all of the main functions via the 12-inch central touchscreen.

The system also features Citroën Connect Nav, a 3D connected navigation system with voice recognition. Occupants can choose their own music or even choose to watch their favorite film.

Depending on the on-board experience desired, an array of screen configurations are possible – 1/3 -2/3, 2/3 -1/3, or full screen. As such, the passengers can be as active during the journey as the driver.


For true acoustic comfort, the front and rear headrests are equipped with built-in speakers and microphones, creating sound experience audio bubbles. Now everyone can choose to communicate with the other passengers or to keep to themselves.

The Citroën C-Aircross Concept will be shown at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show

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