Modern Suit Guide: When and Where to Wear Your Favorite Suit

Today’s men’s suits are more modern and cut trimmer than previous versions (remember those boxy 3-button suits from the 90s). But finding the right suit for your body type can be challenging. Figuring out what suit is appropriate to wear for different occasions adds an extra layer of complexity.

The following Modern Suit Guide is designed to help you take some of the guesswork out of your next suit purchase. This guide explains how different cuts will fit your body and gives a few suggestions on when and where to wear each suit.


topman ultra skinny suit

Best for: Singing lead in a rock band, Coachella, Going to a trendy new bar or club, Opening night of your art exhibit, Instagram #OOTD


topman skinny fit suit

Best for: First date at a nice restaurant, Business meeting for your startup, Photo for your Tinder profile, Weekend trip to Vegas


Topman Slim Fit Suit

Best for: Job interview, Church, Taking Mom to brunch, Weddings, Office parties, Asking your boss for a raise


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