Advanced Tech Fuels the Futuristic DS E-TENSE Electric Car

DS Automobiles has shaken up the auto industry with its futuristic vehicles. Its latest supercar, the DS E-TENSE, is another example of the automaker’s penchant for combining avant-garde design with state-of-the-art technology to create a high-performance electric car.

When you set eyes on the DS E-TENSE, you will instantly notice its unique styling, flowing lines, and sense of perpetual motion. A unique DS trademark feature, the front and rear lights with the DS LED Vision headlamps, are jewel-like in design.

The daytime running lights – picked out as if in beaded stitches, a nod to the world of high fashion – accentuate the car’s expressive gaze.

At the rear, the indicators integrated into the roof are inspired by the original DS from 1955.

Finally, the light signature’s show-stoppers are the tail lights: equipped with full LED technology and scale-like in design, they seem to spring to life whenever the car is in use.

ds automobiles ds e-tense electric car

As for the car’s interior, it is an example of the alchemy that occurs when French savoir-faire is combined with superior materials. DS upholsterers took 800 hours to design, test, and produce the interior, with particular emphasis on the upgraded watch strap style design on the seats and dashboard.

Other noteworthy features include the cold steel used for the dashboard, creating a futuristic look, and the strongly marked tulip-shape of the steering wheel.

Driver safety and comfort is facilitated by high-definition digital instrumentation: a 12-inch digital handset is coupled with a 10-inch touchscreen.

The ergonomic design of the controls is efficient and intuitive, thanks to an electronic system developed in collaboration with Coyote.

For an exclusive experience, 9 Focal Utopia high-fidelity loudspeakers transform the interior of the DS E-TENSE into an auditorium to satisfy the most demanding listeners.

To power this futuristic beauty, DS Automobiles has equipped the DS E-TENSE with a 100% electric 402 HP engine that produces 516 Nm of torque, delivering propulsion that is clean, silent, but above all efficient and powerful.

The lithium-ion batteries are situated under the car’s chassis, which keeps the center of gravity low and enables even torque distribution between the axles.

ds e-tense front

The two-seater monocoque chassis is manufactured from carbon fiber and equipped with independent superimposed double wishbone suspension.

As the batteries are located beneath the floor, the center of gravity is low, allowing the car to handle with rigor, precision, and verve, all in total safety.

Meanwhile, the streamlined silhouette, the carbon fiber diffuser, and the flat underbody all contribute significantly to its aerodynamic performance.

The specially developed Michelin tires are also noteworthy for the safe and comfortable drive they guarantee, even at top speeds.

The car presents other examples of the latest technology, such as digital rear vision that works with the camera at the back, or the innovative “clean cabin” filtration system that works with the air conditioning to provide active protection for passengers.

The system continuously identifies, analyses, and filters exterior pollutants in order to purify the air in the cabin.

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