3 Things That Motivate Men to Look Their Best

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There are many reasons why men want to look their best, but the most popular motivation, cited by 41% of men surveyed, is to feel good about themselves. The other top reasons were making a good first impression (34%) and setting a good example for their children (25%).

To look his best, the average man spends a little over three hours per week on his personal appearance and grooming (compared to nearly five hours for women).

As men get older, their motivation for looking good changes. For men under 30 years old, feeling good about themselves still ranks first, but the second and third spots are occupied by making a good first impression and being attractive to the opposite sex. For 30-49 years old men, setting a good example for their children is a commonly cited motivation. Men 50 years old and over are more interested in looking nice for their spouses or partners.


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