Trunk Club Introduces Premium Shirts by Eton

Men should have a few staple pieces in their wardrobes. These include a gray suit, navy blazer, brown wingtips, and a variety of well-made shirts.

When we speak of shirts, we’re not talking about the department store garments wrapped in plastic and stuck with enough pins to make you think they were the victims of a tailor who practiced Voodoo. We’re talking about premium, well-crafted shirts like the ones made by Eton.

Since 1928, Eton has innovated fine shirting. Most dress shirts take four days to make. Eton shirts take four weeks and are made from the finest cotton in the world. Through their innovative design process, Eton’s wrinkle-resistant dress shirts have fewer chemicals than a cup of Earl Grey. Best of all, Eton shirts look great, fit perfectly, and are washable.

eton shirt

Eton has partnered with Trunk Club to offer an exclusive collection of dress shirts, ties, and pocket squares. These items will amp up your workweek wardrobe and help you get the most out of any suit or sport coat in your regular lineup.

Visit Trunk Club and enhance your wardrobe with a few Eton shirts. They are perfect for the busy business traveler or the guy who simply wants to look his best.

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