The Esurge e-Bike is the Future of Urban Transportation

Two years ago, I bought an electric bike to get around my neighborhood. It is fun to ride, efficient, and it always draws a lot of attention. Although I enjoy the bike, I was a bit reluctant to get it because of the price which was upwards of $2000. After some internal debate, I convinced myself that the price was acceptable because you can easily pay that much for a high-end bike without a motor.

Now American Cycle Company is making me reconsider my purchase again. They just released the Esurge, the first mass-produced e-bike that costs as little as $599.

Yes, you read that right Five Hundred and Ninety Nine dollars or 1/3 of what I paid for my bike.

The ESurge is a high-quality electric bicycle that can go up to 22 mph and 19 miles on a single charge. At 52 pounds, the ESurge is built off of a 6061 aluminum mountain bike platform, Shimano components, and 26×4 inch “Fat Tires.” It is powered by a 250-watt motor and a 20-volt canister style Lithium-Ion Battery. Because of its rugged build, you can ride the ESurge across dirt, mud, sand, grass, asphalt, or almost any other surface with complete confidence.

American Cycle Company can make affordable e-bikes with quality materials and parts because they have teamed up with companies like and Indiegogo to sell their e-bikes directly to consumers. With this internet-only business model, American Cycle Company is expected to sell 350,000 e-bikes in the U.S. marketplace in 2015.

If you are considering an e-bike purchase, then do yourself a favor and take a look at the ESurge.

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