Stream New Prince Albums, “ART OFFICIAL AGE” and “PLECTRUMELECTRUM” on Spotify

Prince has always had a love/hate relationship with the Internet – mostly hate. He never liked people posting his music and videos online and he aggressively went after anyone who did. If you ever saw a Prince video online, you knew you only had a couple of days to watch it before it was taken down.

Lately, Prince has shown his fans a little online love by releasing new music on various platforms. Earlier this year, he released a new single, “The Breakdown,” 24 hours after announcing his return to Warner Brothers.

Over the past few months, Prince has been teasing fans with songs from his new albums, ART OFFICIAL AGE and PLECTRUMELECTRUM (with 3RDEYEGIRL). Listeners got to hear “FUNKNROLL,” “U KNOW,” and “Clouds” from ART OFFICIAL AGE and  “Whitecaps” from PLECTRUMELECTRUM.

Now fans can stream the full albums on Spotify. Both albums are fresh, bold and filled with the creative, expressive music we’ve come to expect from Prince.

ART OFFICIAL AGE is reminiscent of old-school Prince albums with elements of funk, modern-synths, and classic ballads.

prince art official age

PLECTRUMELECTRUM showcases his band and has several GIRL POWER anthems.

prince plectrumelectrum

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