Indie Artist Spotlight: Jasmine Tate

Following in the musical footsteps of Tracy Chapman and Lauryn Hill, Jasmine Tate has spent the past three years bringing heartfelt songs of life, love, and justice to audiences across the country.

Whether she’s performing in front of thousands on national television or dozens in a coffee shop, Tate’s goal is always the same – to infuse each person with hope and hunger for the “more” in life.

“I want every song to feel like a one-on-one, heart-to-heart moment between the listener and me,” Tate said.

Her debut EP, The Jasmine Tate EP, is a soulful, acoustic collection of five special songs.

“The five songs on the EP are the most intimate songs I’ve written so far; five of my most favorite,” Tate said. “And all of them are, to some capacity, a part of my story.”

Each song, from the flirty “A Thousand Ways” to the heartbreaking “Believer,” carries a promise of love.

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