Ammo&Amor Combines Luxury and Simplicity in New Line of Street Wear


It’s a great time to be a young fashion designer because the gatekeepers are gone. While it’s true that the fashion elite still control the majority of the market, designers with talent, passion, and drive can make their mark in the fashion world without having to take the traditional route.

Daymond John, for example, started his brand by selling homemade hats for $10 each in front of the New York Coliseum. That humble beginning led to John’s being the CEO of the globally recognized brand FUBU. Carl Mason and Momo hope to replicate that success with their streetwear brand, Ammo&Amor.

In 2010, the designers began laying the groundwork for their company by designing a few pieces and sharing them with tastemakers in London. After making a name for themselves among underground fashionistas, Mason and Momo decided to expose their brand to a larger audience.


Highly influenced by Japanese urban wear, Ammo&Amor offers a selection of versatile pieces made from superior, handpicked fabrics and adorned with intricate details. The first online collection reflects themes of purity and simplicity. Key styles include the understated ‘original 86 short sleeve sweatshirt’, ‘pure elements t-shirt’, and the bold ‘amor sweatshirts’.

With a full line of ready to wear and bespoke pieces, Ammo&Amor combines luxury and simplicity to create unique streetwear with mass appeal.

Visit the Ammo&Amor website to see the full collection.

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