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I get bored easily. My nightstand is a repository of half-read books. TV shows only have about 10 seconds to hold my interest before I click the remote. And my wardrobe? I can go weeks without wearing the same outfit twice. For the sake of brevity, I won’t bore you with my sartorial tales. Instead, I will simply focus on my tie collection. I have at least 50 in my closet. And guess what? I’m already bored with them.

That’s why I was pleased to discover FreshNeck, the revolutionary new “Netflix for ties” system developed by businessman and fashion idealist David Goldberg. FreshNeck has taken the hassle out of shopping, bringing men a convenient and easily accessible way to find the perfect accessories. The service allows me to get the latest, designer accessories – ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and more – for a flat monthly fee.

There are three levels of memberships – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – and include access to luxury brands such as Hermes, Armani, Rag & Bone, and Versace. Although memberships start at $20 per month, you will have to enroll for a higher-priced membership if you want to receive high-end brands.

After you’ve figured out how much you’re willing to spend each month, the process is easy:

1. Sign up and create a fashion closet by choosing your desired accessories.

2. Receive the top available items at your doorstep in about 1-3 business days.

3. Wear items for as long as you like without worrying about late fees.

4. When you’re ready for something new, return the items in the prepaid envelope and FreshNeck will ship out your next batch of items (FreshNeck takes care of all cleaning).

If you fall in love with one of your items and can’t bear to return it, no problem. You can purchase it for 20-60% off retail price. You can also get style advice and personal recommendations if you’re not quite sure which tie should go with which pocket square.

With FreshNeck, you can freshen up your wardrobe without spending a ton of cash or having to wade through a sea of ties in the department store. The service is affordable, easy to use, and a great antidote to boredom.

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