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It seems as if women are always prepared. My wife, for example, could give Boy Scouts as lesson on emergency preparedness. If I cut...

It seems as if women are always prepared. My wife, for example, could give Boy Scouts as lesson on emergency preparedness. If I cut myself, she produces a bandage. If I forget my keys, she pulls out a spare. If my skin is dry, she gives me lotion. Her secret lies in the magical bag she carries with her. What looks like a simple purse is really a portal that gives her access to all of our family’s needs.

You don’t have to carry “man purse”, or simply “murse” (Yes. That is an actual term), to be prepared. However, there are a few essential items that every man should carry at all times.

Smartphone or Tablet

essential items

These devices have become essential to our ives. From using Google Maps to get you from place to place to having a digital book or newspaper available during lulls in activity, a smart device is the perfect companion for the man on the go. Don’t forget the spare battery or portable charger.

Small First-Aid Kit

essential items

You never know when you might have to tussle with a bear or wrangle an alligator. It’s comforting to know that you have the basics to properly treat those scrapes and bruises.

Window Punch and Seatbelt Cutter

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In the event that you are in an accident or are assisting someone who has been, these tools will be useful for escaping a damaged vehicle. Some manufacturers make an Emergency Escape Tool that combines both items. Be sure to keep one in your glove compartment.


essential items

A flashlight is a good item to have should you find yourself stranded in a dark alley (note: try to avoid being stranded in a dark alley). Most cell phones have a flashlight app. If yours doesn’t, you can easily download one from the app store. However, a small handheld flashlight is more reliable and durable.

Spare Keys

essential items

We’ve all lost our keys. Keep a spare in your wallet.

Duct Tape

essential items

Duct tape is good for minor repairs and could potentially save your life in a pinch. Remember – If it can’t be fixed with duct tape, you’re not using enough duct tape.

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essential items

A multi-tool (I’m partial to Leatherman) with scissors, a knife, bootle opener, pliers, screwdriver, will keep you ready to handle any situation.

Self Defense Item

essential items

Useful for those times when you’re stranded in a dark alley. Check your local laws.


essential items

In this age of online payments, Bitcoin, and credit cards, it’s easy to forget the importance of carrying cash. It’s convenient, portable, and accepted at almost any location. Carry enough cash as you feel comfortable with, but make sure it’s enough to get you out of trouble.

Emergency Gift for Your Wife

essential items

Did you forget that birthday or anniversary? Avoid the backlash by being prepared.

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