A2B Alva+ Review: An Electric Bike for the Stylish Commuter

In 2008, A2B changed the bike market by designing an electric bike with its own bespoke internal motor system. Since then, the bikes have only gotten better. A2B not only improved performance but also focused on creating brilliantly designed products.

Take The Alva+ for example. A2B’s flagship bike is an elegant machine that allows you to enjoy your journey with ease and style. Specifically designed to meet the growing need for both pedal assist and throttle power on demand, The Alva+ offers a maximum power assistance speed of 20mph.

I spent a week riding this bike through the suburbs of Houston. Everywhere I went, people stopped and stared. I talked to several curious onlookers about the Alva+ because they hadn’t seen anything like it before.

My neighbor, who is an engineer, was most impressed. He was fascinated by the bike’s compact 500W motor that’s located on the back wheel. He was also surprised that I could plug the lithium-ion battery into any standard outlet and fully charge it in three hours (A2B recommends charging the battery at least every two months).

“That bike is pretty advanced,” he said. He continued with some technical jargon that was beyond my comprehension. I simply nodded and slowly peddled away.

During the week, I managed to log nearly 40 miles without having to recharge. I may have logged more miles if I had pedaled more, but I enjoyed the sensation of holding the throttle and zipping down the street (I often found myself pretending that I was riding a motorcycle).

The Alva+ is a great commuter bike that delivers all the range, power, and flexibility you need. You’ll also draw plenty of attention while riding it.

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