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OutKast’s Andre Benjamin Stars in JIMI: All Is By My Side [Trailer]
If anyone can channel the passion, creativity, and energy of guitar legend, Jimi Hendrix, it’s André Benjamin. The acclaimed hip-hop superstar portrays Hendrix in a revealing film from Academy Award-winning writer-director John Ridley (12 Years A Slave).The film presents a firsthand look at how an unknown backup guitarist playing New York’s Cheetah Club... Read more
Boris Kodjoe and Sharon Leal Star in “Addicted” [Trailer]
Based on the best-selling novel by Zane, “Addicted” is a provocative thriller about desire and the dangers of indiscretion. Successful businesswoman Zoe Reynard (Sharon Leal) appears to have attained it all – the dream husband she loves (Boris Kodjoe), two wonderful children and a flourishing career. As perfect as everything... Read more
“Tempting Fate” is the Latest “Nollywood” Film [Trailer]
Spike Lee Directs New Pharrell Williams Concert Movie
Spike Lee is back in the game. The revered creator of classics such as School Daze, Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, and She’s Gotta Have It, has returned to the director’s chair to give us a new Spike Lee Joint. He teamed up with talented musician, producer, and... Read more
Get on Up – The James Brown Story  [Trailer]
  James Brown was a complicated man. On one hand, he was a musical genius who influenced generations of artists. On the other hand, he was deeply tormented, abusive, and conflicted. I first read about Brown’s complex life in the book The One – The Life and Music of... Read more
First Photo of Ben Affleck as Batman
Director Zack Snyder shared the first photo of Ben Affleck as Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel movie. He shot the photo with a Leica Camera and shared it on Twitter. Share your thoughts. Follow us: @mochamanstyle on Twitter | Mocha Man Style on Facebook | IG: MochaManStyle | Visit us at Read more
X-Men: Days of Future Past – X-Men Team Members and Abilities
In the new film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Wolverine is sent to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants. The film features many beloved X-men characters and introduces movie-goers to their special mutant... Read more
Batman 75th Anniversary Short Featuring Batman Beyond
This year marks the The 75th Anniversary of Batman. To celebrate this iconic superhero, Warner Brothers has been releasing a series of animated shorts. The first one, “Batman: Strange Days,” debuted on Cartoon Network. This clip, by artist Darwyn Cooke, features fan-favorite Terry McGinnis as Batman Beyond. He and... Read more
X-Men: Days of Future Past (Trailer)
In this latest installment of the X-Men franchise, an all-star team of mutants fight a war for the survival of the species across two time periods. Wolverine, Beast, Professor X, and Storm join forces with their younger selves from the past in order to change a major historical event and... Read more
Halle Berry Stars in Mind-Bending Drama FRANKIE & ALICE
We love Halle Berry. Our love for her is so strong that we even forgive her for Catwoman. Her latest film, Frankie & Alice is a mind-bending drama inspired by the true story of an African American go-go dancer “Frankie” with multiple personalities (dissociative identity disorder or “DID”) who struggles to... Read more