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Lecrae Embraces His Role as a Hip-Hop Anomaly
George Wallace is the Funniest Man In America
  George Wallace knows a lot about yo mama. He knows how dumb she is, how fat or skinny she is, and how old she is. He even told me a little bit about my own mama. “Yo mama is so fat that they had to change the name... Read more
Mint Condition Makes Music at the Speed of Life
In 1991, I was the music editor at my college newspaper. It was an exciting time because seminal groups such as A Tribe Called Quest, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, De La Soul, and others were changing the musical landscape. One day, while I was sifting through the pile of CDs... Read more
Patrick Kodjoe Delivers Affordable Custom Clothing with World of Alfa
The first thing you notice about World of Alfa co-founder, Patrick Kodjoe is that he’s tall. NBA tall. And to answer your question, yes he did play basketball. The second thing you notice about Patrick Kodjoe is his last name. You’ve probably heard about another guy named Kodjoe who... Read more
Success Interview: Peter Ramsey, Feature Film Director
As a child, Peter Ramsey loved animation and movies. With his family’s encouragement, he started creating his own masterpieces when he was 3-years old. “My parents taught me to think for myself and not to set limits on what I could do,” Ramsey said. “They were really good about... Read more
Success Interview: Dwyane Wade, NBA All-Star
Dwyane Wade is a busy man. Not only is he an all-star basketball player, but he is also father, philanthropist, and best-selling author. Wade was the fifth pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. In 2006, he helped lead his team, the Miami Heat, to a 4–2 series win over the... Read more