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Why I Wore a Dress to Motivate Employees
Many managers struggle with how to motivate employees. The problem is that people are different and what motivates one person may not motivate another. I’ve discovered that if you listen closely, people will tell you how they’d like to be motivated. One morning, while reading the newspaper, I saw... Read more
Listening is a Powerful Leadership Tool
In my former career, I was a construction project manager responsible for managing a $20 million dollar project. Obviously, the stakes were high and I had to make sure that all of my employees were focused on completing a quality project, on-time, on-budget, and without any injuries. To accomplish... Read more
Entrepreneur Warren Broadnax Uses T-Shirts to Promote Black Culture and Black Business
Warren Broadnax is a man in a hurry. The 36-year old, Houston, Texas, native owns three businesses – She’s Happy Hair, Happy Tee Me, and GGB Trucking Company. With sales approaching $90 million. Broadnax built his business empire through self-financing, with no loans whatsoever. His T-shirt company, Happy Me... Read more
Deliver Awesome Customer Service That Makes People Say “WOW!”
A few years ago, I attended my high school class reunion. I decided to buy a really nice suit so I could walk in the door with style. On the day before I was to leave, I visited a local haberdashery that one of my friends recommended (note the... Read more
Mocha Man Style Events: Profitable PR with Frederick J. Goodall
Join Mocha Man Style founder, Frederick J. Goodall for a panel discussion titled “Profitable PR.” Frederick is passionate about helping people tell their stories in authentic ways. Over the years, he has successfully implemented programs to increase brand awareness and sales for companies such as Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, General Mills,... Read more
25 High Paying Jobs for 2019
Unemployment in the U.S. remains relatively low and there are many opportunities for job-seekers. Tech jobs are some of the highest paying careers, but people with finance, creative, management, and consulting skills can still join the six-figure income club. If you are ready for a career change and have... Read more
Success Interview: Jonathan Gregory, CEO of Royale Energy, Inc
Jonathan Gregory is the Chief Executive Officer of Royale Energy, Inc. Throughout his career, he has taken the simple tenant of being a good, dutiful human to carve a rich path in the banking and energy industries while serving his community and family. Gregory graduated from Lamar University with... Read more
As a husband, corporate-preneur who hops on and off about 65 flights a year, father of a newborn, and author, I’m often asked how I manage to find time between career and family. Honestly, I find it to be fairly easy, but I can understand how it can be... Read more
There is an old saying that good fences make good neighbors. It is an adage that reminds us that boundaries are important. Sure we understand this concept when it comes to our physical property, but we should apply the same principle to our professional and personal lives as well. Maintaining... Read more
How to Escape the Sunken Place at Work
You are riding high on top the world. You are successful, educated, and getting paid. Then it hits you. You suddenly realize there are still culturally-based barriers and hurdles to overcome in the supposedly post-racial world of ours. You find yourself in “The Sunken Place” where you are keenly aware of what... Read more