5 Indie Artists You Should Hear – Szjerdene

Szjerdene (Pronounced J’er-deen) is a fascinating artist who has quietly commanded the attention of music lovers, journalists, and creatives around the world. With a gorgeous voice and a talent for telling compelling stories through music, Szjerdene is an artist that you need to know.

In 2013 Szjerdene released her well-received recording, Patchwork: The EP. Throughout this short four-song collection, Szjerdene displayed the spectrum of her musical abilities by mixing soul and folk-inflected vocals with electronic sounds. 2013 also brought the release of her collaboration with Bonobo on both ‘The North Borders’ Album and Tour.

In addition to working with Bonono, Szjerdene has collaborated with leading electronic producers worldwide such as Robin Hannibal, Lapalux, Eric Lau, Slugabed, and Glen Nicholls to record music and play live. She has appeared as the guest vocalist to play over 175 shows (including Coachella and sold-out shows at The Sydney Opera House, Paradiso and Brixton Academy) across three continents and 30 countries, wowing audiences with her hypnotic stage presence and vocal prowess.