5 Indie Artists You Should Hear – Rebel J. Rose

Rebel J. Rose is a Virginia native who had early success with debut single, “Are You Ready?” The song did well locally, but it didn’t receive the national exposure that Rose expected.

“I’ve faced adversity, rejection, and disappointment,” said Rose. “These things have only strengthened me into a more determined artist.”

This determination inspired Rose to hone his craft and forge his own path in the music industry. The result is an original style of music that he calls “Rock-Hop-Soul.” This fusion of hard-hitting hip-hop beats, scorching rock guitars, and the sultry R&B, is evident on his songs “Bad Girl” (featuring Pusha T), “Make Her Play,” and “Run Away Love” featuring Treie, which was inspired by escalating cases of domestic violence emerging from the UFC and the NFL.

These songs show Rose’s growth and maturity as an artist, but this EP, Make Her Play, will show the world much he as truly blossomed.

“I’ve come to a point where I truly know who I am. I am an artist, a musician,” said Rose. “I understand that my fate will either lead me to the stages of smoky bars, to avenue corners next to tip hats, or to the world’s most famous platforms as I share my music with all who will listen. Either way, I will be heard and I will only become greater.”

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