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5 Indie Artists You Should Hear – Preston Harris

Remember when you used to spend hours making mixtapes filled with love songs for that special person in your life? Well, Preston Harris wants you to continue that practice, and his debut EP, Love Crazy, is a good place to start. The singer-songwriter is bringing back classic songwriting and musicianship today’s R&B scene.

“I want to recreate the same feeling that Stevie Wonder, Prince and Marvin Gaye brought to R&B music,” Harris said in an interview with Billboard.

Not only did Harris achieve this goal with Love Crazy, but he also managed to add a few creative flourishes that make this album unique. Love Crazy takes you on a sensual journey through love, passion, and romance. With stirring vocals, sophisticated musical interludes, and intelligent songwriting, Love Crazy is destined to become one of the classic romantic albums of our generation.

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