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5 Indie Artists You Should Hear – Michele Thomas

Michele Thomas was born in Chicago, the daughter of a Pentecostal preacher. As a result, Thomas grew up on a steady diet of gospel music.and it had a profound impact on her life.

“I remember as a little girl listening to a gospel record of Vanessa Bell Armstrong, holding the record jacket and just crying as I listened to her sing,” Thomas said. “Her voice made me want to be more in my life. Music can go deeper than just your surface emotion and actually change minds and hearts.”

Thomas strives to create this same feeling when she performs. Whether in her studio, on stage in a jazz club, or in the recording booth, Thomas brings an amazing level of energy, passion, and emotion to everything she does. By combining her gospel background with her deep love of jazz and appreciation for contemporary soul and R&B, Thomas has crafted a sound that doesn’t conform to one genre, but rather elegantly evokes the elements that make these genres so dynamic.

Thomas’ most recent album, “Messenger,” serves as a tribute to Stevie Wonder and the power of his music and songwriting. It also displays Thomas’ talent for outfitting existing jazz instrumentals with original lyrics, paying homage to the composers and musicians she admires, while simultaneously displaying her vocal flair.

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