5 Indie Artists You Should Hear – Kuumba Freeque

In a world of clones, drones, and catchy Pop and Rock bands, there emerges a duo hell-bent on disturbing the status quo. It’s name: KUUMBA FREEQUE. The band’s name is a combination of the Swahili term “Kuumba,” meaning creativity, and “Freeque,” referring to the relentless pursuit of it.

The lovechild of Funk and Rock, Kuumba Freeque formed in 2006. This perfectly imperfect band consists of Singer/Songwriter/Production partners tRESA jERELL and K’Monte`. The two come from drastically different musical backgrounds, experiences, and approaches, but the spiritual alignment of the duo allows them to see the beauty in their musical differences and infuse this positive tension into their work. Those fortunate enough to witness any of their studio sessions will attest to their playfully combative style of creating music together. The result: authentic, sensual, beautiful songs that inspire us all to embrace our inner KUUMBA FREEQUE.

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