5 Indie Artists You Should Hear – Keznamdi

Reggae artist Keznamdi was born in Kingston, Jamaica, to parents who were lead singers of popular Reggae group Chakula. As a child, Keznamdi toured the world with his parents and watched them record 10 albums in their home recording studio.

It didn’t take long for the young Keznamdi to get in the recording booth; at age 5, he recorded an educational song titled “Mix a Color.” Already a natural performer and crowd-pleaser on stage, he jumped at the chance to perform the song on his Mother’s tours for her popular children’s album “Save the World.”

As Keznamdi grew older, he become more entrenched in music and learned about new musical styles while living in Tanzania and Ethiopia. Keznamdi was briefly lured into sports, but his promising professional soccer career was cut short by an injury. After that, he decided to channel his energy into his primary passion, music. 

“This is not a choice or hobby for me, music chose me,” Keznamdi said. “It’s a way of life and the only thing I have ever known.”

Keznamdi’s critically-acclaimed debut EP ‘Bridging The Gap’ landed in Billboard’s Top 10 Reggae Album Chart, claiming #5 spot on iTunes Reggae Album Chart. In addition to staking a claim in the reggae market, Keznamdi is also enjoying mainstream success on the Billboard charts through his collaboration with Grammy-nominated, artist Zhu on the track “As Crazy As It Is.”

Keznamdi is poised to close out the year on a high note with the release of his new single “Champion.”

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