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5 Indie Artists You Should Hear – Kameron Corvet

Kameron Corvet is a singer who grew up with influences ranging from classical, pop, rock and soul. His early exposure to music came while living with his grandparents and attending weekly church services. Corvet was intrigued and influenced by the music, but he also received inspiration from the members of the congregation including the preacher, choir/musicians, and even the church bus driver.

After years of asking, his parents finally bought him an acoustic guitar with which Corvet began to craft his first songs. Although you can hear elements of Radiohead, Eric Gales, and John Mayer in his playing, Corvet is a guitar player with an R & B sensibility. He infuses his playing with passion and soul that gives his songs and emotional connection that is often missing in much of today’s music.

“The forming part of every true artist arrives when forced to balance art with love,” Corvet said.

Spend some time with Corvet, and you will know that he is indeed a true artists who loves his art. Listen to his music and you will love it too.

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