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5 Indie Artists You Should Hear – John Givez

John Givez knows all about the violence going on in the streets. He has seen many of his peers fall victim to gang-banging, prostitution, drug use, cutting, alcoholism, and other ills of society. Seeing such pain and suffering is what drives John Givez to use music as a platform to encourage and inspire.

“God didn’t give me a platform to be perfect,” John Givez said on a Tumblr post. “He gave me a platform to be genuine.”

Born and raised in Oceanside, California with roots in Columbia, South Carolina, John Givez finds himself obligated to create genuine, soulful hip-hop and R&B that impacts people’s lives. With his latest album, Soul Rebels, John Givez lives up to that promise. John Givez teamed up with Kings Dream producer Anthony Cruz to create an album filled with substance, social commentary, encouragement, and hard hitting beats. This is an album that will move your body and your soul.

“You can’t just skim through the songs,” said Jason Bordeaux via Rapzilla. “You have to sit down and digest Soul Rebel. It is worth your time and investment.”

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