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5 Indie Artists You Should Hear – Ernie Gaines

According to Ernie Gaines, he is “an Anomaly, A Minstrel (not the offensive kind), A Soul Rebel, A Nostalgia Revolution for today’s music landscape.” After listening to his music, you will agree.

Gaines’ uncanny ability to mesh classic soul with modern, experimental music makes him somewhat of anomaly. Although the spirit of Michael Jackson is evident in his sound, Gaines manages to build on MJs legacy with music that is fresh, unique, and utterly appealing.

Gaines’ creative talent is evident on his 10 song conceptual release, Lost in Time. The album takes you through a time warp of pop, evoking moments of the past, present and future. His diverse sound allows you to vibe out while literally feeling the emotion behind each song.

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