bentley Continental GT

You Can Have a Bespoke Bentley Continental GT in Your Living Room for Around $9,000

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If you’ve always wanted a Bentley, but couldn’t afford the price tag, here is the next best thing – a 1:8 scale model that you can display in your living (or in your garage if that makes you feel better).

bentley continental gt

This immaculately faithful replica of the wildly popular Bentley Continental GT has a full suite of bespoke options just like the real thing including exterior paint color, wheels and alloys, lower grille, brake calipers, number plate, left or right driver position, interior color split, main hide color, secondary hide color, seat quilting, seat fluting, veneers, and carpets.

bentley continental gt

The tiny steering wheel features impeccably-copied cross-stitching, the iconic seat quilting and fluting is mirrored on the small yet detailed scale, and the model car even mimics the lustrous wood veneers and plush carpets that characterize the original. Even the doors and trunk open to allow you to admire the intricately replicated interior in close detail.

bentley continental gt

To ensure complete accuracy, the 1:8 models are developed under the close supervision of the Bentley Design Studio from the moment of order to final delivery. Each exquisite, made-to-order model is painstakingly replicated to mirror the details of the full-size Continental GT. More than 1,000 tiny, individual pieces are used to hand-build this collector’s piece, taking about 300 hours in total.

Models can be purchased from Bentley Retailers or via

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