Warby Parker Foundry Edition Reimagines Metal Frame Glasses

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Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price.

They continue to live up to this mission with their latest eyeglasses collection – The Warby Parker Foundry Edition.

While metal frames have existed for generations, this modern set of eyeglasses reimagines the all-metal frame by sculpting new silhouettes and using polished and matte finishes.

The Warby Parker Foundry Edition features refashioned stainless steel eye wires, bridges, and end pieces with a geometric focus in three new designs.

Warby Parker Hammett Frame

Warby Parker Hammett frame Warby Parker Foundry Edition

The Warby Parker Hammett frame features a traditional oval shape, but it is updated with modern details such as a squared-off nose bridge and thin tapered temples.

The frames are made from stainless steel and the temple tips are cut from a single sheet of acetate to maintain color parity.

Warby Parker Rooney Frame

warby parker rooney

If you’re looking for frames that are a bit more cutting-edge, you should try the Warby Parker Rooney frame.

The trapezoidal lenses create a soft and rounded cat-eye shape, while its curved nose bridge and boxy end pieces add even more intriguing angles.

Warby Parker Gavin Frame

warby parker gavin

We love the Warby Parker Gavin frame because of its unique hybrid design.

From its angled browline and round-bottomed lenses to the carved nose bridge and tapered arms, these glasses will help you stand out and be noticed.

Gavin is also available in a narrow width for those with a slender face.

Warby Parker Glasses for Men

If you can’t decide which frames you like best, you can try the Warby Parker Home Try-On program.

Select 5 frames to test out for 5 days and Warby Parker will ship them to you free.

When you’re done, place your frames in the box with the prepaid return label and send them back.

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