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Mocha Man Style Presents: DISTURBANCE: Hurricane Harvey Stories – Feature Documentary

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In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit land as a Category 4 hurricane. It caused $125 Billion in damages and affected more than 13 million Texans. Many people were displaced as historic floodwaters swept through my hometown, Houston, TX.

Within hours of the storm passing, local nonprofit BakerRipley opened a shelter at nrg Center to help those affected by the storm. I immediately volunteered to work at the shelter and I spent nearly a month serving our neighbors. This was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done in my life.

In addition to helping people get back on their feet and recover from the storm, I got to meet a few celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Chris Paul, David Blaine, and Gloria Gayner who stopped by to encourage residents and make donations.

One day, a film crew showed up and asked if they could shoot a documentary. Because we were very protective of our neighbors’ privacy, I was reluctant to allow them access to the shelter. However, I acquiesced after speaking to the producers and realizing their intentions were honorable. I even agreed to participate in the film.

The result was DISTURBANCE: Hurricane Harvey Stories, a portrait of the resilience and determination of a people who will not be defeated by one of the worst natural disasters in history. Determined to “pick themselves up and dust themselves off”, no matter the cataclysmic effect of Harvey on their lives, this film captures the work, sweat, the tears, and ultimately, the hope, that life in Texas will go on long after the news cameras have come and gone.

So far, the film has been screened at the Louisville International Festival of Film and as part of the Deep in the Heart Independent Film Series in Waco, Texas.

Now, Mocha Man Style presents an exclusive screening for all of our friends, fans, and followers.

DISTURBANCE: Hurricane Harvey Stories was produced by Vid Monster Productions and Finch Hill Films.

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