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I’m a huge music fan and I love to see artists perform live. Sadly, a few of the music festivals I planned to attend, such as SxSW, were canceled due to COVID-19. To cope with this situation, I decided to create my dream music festival.

What started as a way to past the time by listening to some of my favorite artists has turned into a fun internet challenge – The #FakeMusicFestivalChallenge.

To participate, create a poster for your fake music festival. The poster should include:

  1. Name of the festival
  2. Headlining acts (at least two)
  3. Secondary acts (at least 10)
  4. Festival Info: Date(s), location (it doesn’t have to be where you live), where to buy tickets, ticket prices, etc.
  5. Add #FakeMusicFestivalChallenge (so people don’t think it’s a real festival)

Your poster doesn’t have to be fancy. A simple list with the above information will suffice. When you’re done, share your poster on your social media channels with the hashtag #FakeMusicFestivalChallenge. You can also tag us at @mochamanstyle.

Below you will find my poster for the MOCHA MUSIC FESTIVAL. My lineup includes well-known bands as well as lesser-known artists who deserve a larger audience.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on my entry into the #FakeMusicFestivalChallenge. I’m looking forward to seeing your posters and discovering new artists.

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