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Killerspin Helps You and Your Family to UnPlugNPlay

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Getting kids off the couch during summer vacation can be a challenge. With instant access to cell phones, gaming systems, PCs, and Netflix, they could spend the entire summer staring at screens.

My kids are no different. Their optimal daily schedule would be organized as follows:

  • Wake up
  • Watch TV
  • Eat breakfast
  • Watch more TV
  • Eat Lunch
  • Play video games
  • Eat snack
  • More video games
  • Dinner
  • Outdoor activity
  • TV
  • Bed

To encourage my kids to be more active, I got a Killerspin MyT Lee portable table tennis set. With playing dimensions of 2 ½ feet x 5 feet, the MyT Lee table fits perfectly in my upstairs game room and outdoor patio.

I started paying attention to ping pong after discovering that Prince, one of my musical idols, was a huge ping pong fan (watch this video of Jimmy Fallon describing a game with the musical legend). I knew that ping pong had a be a cool past-time if it was endorsed by a legendary rock star.

As I was unboxing the table, my kids grew curious.

“What’s that, Daddy?” My 12-year old son asked.

“It’s a ping pong table,” I said. “Help me set it up.”

“Okay,” he said. “But why did you get a ping pong table.”

“So I can crush you in a match,” I said with a sly grin.

My son’s competitive juices started flowing and he rushed to complete the table.

“It’s on!” he said.

My two sons and I spent the better part of an afternoon playing ping pong. No video games, no TV shows, no Snapchat. Just three guys having fun with some paddles and a ball. It didn’t take long before my 8-year old son mastered the game. After a few games, he started beating me and his older brother. Of course, my older son demanded that we keep playing until he defeated his brother. Those two went at it for another 45 minutes. I finally had to intervene and encourage them to continue their battle the next day.

My kids still enjoy their screen time, but now their day typical day includes a healthy dose of ping pong. It warms my heart when I hear the pleasing sound of the ball volleying back and forth.

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