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Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Brings Style and Innovative Technology to Your Office or Living Room

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When most people think of high-tech gadgets, they usually picture mobile phones, drones, or smartwatches. Rarely do fans make the cut. Dyson is determined to change that perception. Their line of innovative, design-focused products is as lust-worthy as the latest Apple device.

The new Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool, for example, is a  product that you would gladly display in your home. It is the company’s latest in its series of bladeless fans that combine a heater and a fan into one beautifully designed product. The AM09 comes in two colors, Iron and Blue, stands 23.5 inches, and weighs 5.9 pounds. It features a swiveling and tilting base with a single power button. The rest of the buttons have been placed on a remote control. While removing the rest of the buttons from the fan makes it look more sleek and contemporary, it is a bit problematic if you’re the type of person who misplaces remotes. I found myself wishing that more of the controls were installed on the actual product.

dyson am09

Safety is also baked into the product’s design. The fan has no fast-spinning blades or visible heating elements thus reducing the likelihood of injury from cuts or burns. In addition, the AM09 automatically cuts out if tipped over as a fire prevention measure.

Living in Houston, TX where the temperatures have hovered around triple digits for several weeks, gave me the perfect environment to test the AM09’s cooling capabilities. First, I placed the fan in the corner of my living room and sat on my couch to see how it would perform in a large indoor space. The AM09 lets you select between a focused jet of air and a wider, more evenly distributed stream. I started with the distributed stream and the fan did a good job of circulating the air efficiently. When I switched to the focused jet, I received a nice cool, flow of air where I was sitting, but others in the room were out of luck.

Next, I took the fan to my patio to see how it would perform in direct Texas heat. I had to keep in my that the AM09 was not an air conditioner. Instead, the AM09 sucks air through the back of the loop to amplify the airflow. While this process doesn’t produce cold air, it does produce a pleasant cooling effect that reduced the humidity and kept me from sweating profusely. With my tall glass of lemonade, I was almost comfortable despite the intense heat.

To test the heating function, I took the AM09 to my office at work where the air conditioner is set to North Pole. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and evenly the AM09 heated the room. I had to turn off the heater after a few minutes because it was getting a bit too toasty.

Overall, the AM09 performed well, but I don’t think that the performance justifies the price of the product.

If you’re a dedicated Dyson fan, then you will love the new AM09. It is gorgeous and would look great with any decor. But for most people, the price will a huge barrier especially when Dyson’s own AM05, which performs equally well, is still available at a lower price.

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