The Indisposable Comforts in a Man’s Life

I’m sharing #TheIndisposables in my life as part of a Schick® Xtreme3® sponsored series for Socialstars

There are some comforts that make life worth living. For some it’s their mother’s chicken soup on a cold winter day. For others, it may be the warm embrace of their spouse after a rough day at work. Or maybe, it’s the soothing sound of Miles Davis’ trumpet wafting from your vintage record player.

Schick® knows how important simple comforts are to men. That is why they are holding a “Comfortopia” sweepstakes. It’s your chance to win some indisposable comforts such as a Samsung HDTV, and XBOX, bacon, or even a bacon-covered XBOX/TV combo (disclosure: Bacon-covered XBOX/TVs do not exist, but if they did, they would be awesome and delicious).

To enter the contest, watch this hilarious video (created in conjunctions with The Onion) and choose your three indisposable comforts. When you’re done, share your choices on your Facebook page and encourage your friends to enter.

Here are the three comforts I selected:

Dress Sweatpants

Yes, this is a thing. In fact, I identified these as a fall trend last year when I hosted a GQ event at a swanky mall in Houston. Dress sweatpants give you the best of both worlds – comfort and style. I like to wear them to the gym or on a casual outing with my kids.

Gourmet Coffee

I spent many years working on a construction site and drinking crappy coffee. After I quit that job, I promised myself that I would only drink the good stuff. My all-time favorite is a cup of Community Coffee with Chicory. If you’ve never had it, do yourself a favor and try some. My current favorite is Cafe Cubano. My friend at Flamboyant Eats introduced me to this nectar of the gods and I’ve become obsessed.

Smart Phone

I can’t live without my phones. Yes, that’s phones with an “S.” I regularly use iOS, Android, and Windows devices. At any given moment, I probably have at least two phones in my pockets. I use them not only to keep in touch with my family, but also to manage my business.

One final comfort that I need in my life is the Schick® Xtreme3®. With aloe, vitamin E, and 3 flexible blades that adapt to the contours of any face, the razor provides ‪indisposable‬ comfort that will keep you feeling good and looking great. Remember, your razor may be disposable, but your comfort is not.

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