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ATA Clothing Aims to Inspire

What we wear says so much about us. Our clothing speaks volumes about our personalities, beliefs, and culture.

Some people want to go unnoticed and wear conservative clothing that helps them to blend into the crowd. While others want to make their opinions known by wearing them brazenly on a T-shirt or baseball cap. But there is a third option that allows your to wear your beliefs on your sleeve, so to speak, without being arrogant of overbearing.

All The Above (ATA) Clothing creates fashionable garments with hidden messages that speak to things that are important to you. Each month, the brand selects one inspirational quote. Then their artists transform the quote into a cryptic and meaningful artistic design that is displayed on the outside of the garment for everyone to see. What’s special about ATA clothing is that they also place the quote and hidden meaning of the design on the inside of the garment.

For example, the Three Hard Things Men’s Jacket (pictured above) is based on the words of Benjamin Franklin. This sleek, cotton twill jacket features a diamond, anvil and heart emblem on the outside, and the famous words of one the United States’ favorite founding fathers on the inside. It’s a fashionable and sophisticated look backed by words of wisdom.

In addition to designing inspirational and stylish clothing, ATA Clothing gives 10% of the profit from items sold to a variety of charities and non-profits all over the world and 100% of certain proceeds to special featured organizations. With support for causes related to domestic abuse, cancer, civil rights, animal rights, human trafficking, and more, ATA is is helping to change the world one unique design at a time.

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