Marvel’s Daredevil to Debut on Nexflix on April 10th [Trailer]

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I’ve been a fan of Daredevil ever since I was a young boy spending my weekends reading comic books. Although the series has had some great writers such as Stan Lee and Kevin Smith, Frank Miller’s run (1979-1986) will always be my favorite because it was my first introduction to the character.

In April, Netflix will introduce Daredevil to a new generation of fans. In the new series, Marvel’s Daredevil, a lawyer turned street-level hero, Matt Murdock is determined to make his city a better place and clean up the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, New York by any means necessary.

The series will take the darker tone of Ed Brubaker’s comic book run and force viewers to look at the consequences of living in Daredevil’s brutal world, a hellish place of terror and tragedy.

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