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Hublot Unveils the World’s Only Scratch-Resistant Gold Watch
Hublot Unveils the World’s Only Scratch-Resistant Gold Watch

The Apple Gold Edition watch is a beautiful piece of technology. But when it comes to watch-making, Apple is late to the party. Hublot, on the other hand, has been making lust-worthy timepieces for over 30 years.

Hublot’s strength resides in its very clear identity – the unique ability to create timepieces which combine tradition and innovation. Its latest innovation is the Hublot Unico King Gold Ceramic watch, a work of art that fuses a revolutionary material – Magic Gold, which is the world’s only scratch-resistant gold, certified as 18K and developed by Hublot – and the iconic design of the iconic BIG BANG, with its Manufacture Chrono: the UNICO. It is the perfect fusion of tradition and 21st century creativity. 

Although the Magic Gold is a game-changer, the one-of-kind material isn’t the only thing that makes the Hublot Unico King Gold watch special. In fact, it has numerous luxury features that make this Hublot creation a masterpiece.

The bezel, made of a satin-finished black ceramic, gives the watch a classic look. And the modern-looking matte black dial is the perfect backdrop to the microblasted gold-plated hands.

As you would expect from a swiss watch, the Hublot Unico King Gold features self-winding chronograph flyback movement. Taking no less than 4 years to develop, the Unico movement is the fruit of intensive research and development within Hublot. Three-hundred and thirty individually hand-assembled components make up this distinguished movement.

If you’re in the market for a gold edition watch, the Hublot Unico King Gold Ceramic watch should be on your short-list.

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