David Oyelowo Deserves an Award for Best Men's Fashion at the Oscars - Mocha Man Style
David Oyelowo Deserves an Award for Best Men’s Fashion at the Oscars
David Oyelowo Deserves an Award for Best Men’s Fashion at the Oscars

David Oyewelo is a confident man. Few men would have the courage to portray someone as iconic as Martin Luther King, Jr on the big screen as Oyewolo did in Selma. Fewer men would have the confidence to rock a red tuxedo to the Oscars, but Oyewolo pulled it off with style and class.

David Oyelowo

Oyewelo’s Dolce & Gabbaaa designed tuxdeo was masterfully tailored and fit him perfectly (watch this video about the importance of fit). Oyewelo went for a monochromatic look with a matching tie and waistcoat. Oyewelo took a risk and it paid off. The outfit was definitely a winner.

We must also acknowledge, Oyewelo’s Selma cohorts, John Legend and Common. Not only did they look dapper, but they also won the Best Original Song Oscar for their song, “Glory.”

common and john legend

Click here to watch a video of their uplifting performance of the song.

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