Landlady – A Band Worth Discovering Right Now


Urgent and abstract, whimsical and shape-shifting, Landlady wins hearts even when heads aren’t 100% sure of what’s happening. Take this lyric from the Brooklyn-based outfit’s song, “Washington State is Important,” for example:

“I am as loving as I can / I pledge allegiance to my frying pan”
from “Washington State is Important”

I have no clue what this means, I really don’t, but that doesn’t stop me from singing along. Besides, I like my All-Clad stainless steel cookware as much as the next guy…so why not, right?

The energy of the performances captured on Landlady’s debut album Upright Behavior is captivating and magnetic. You are drawn into a bizarre world filled with sonic surprises – cymbal crashes, false stops, obtuse imagery. Lead singer Adam Schatz’s conversational tone guides you down this rabbit-hole that you are more than willing to explore, all the time hoping to discover something (a cereal box decoder ring, perhaps) that will help you make sense of Landlady’s beautiful madness.

The band’s unpredictable songs, like standpoints “Dying Day” and “The Globe” (the latter of which evokes positive memories of early Built to Spill) are strange enough to delight true art-rock music fans but never at the expense of the underlying melody and accessibility. Such a tightrope isn’t an easy one to walk, but Landlady does it with aplomb.

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