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Keurig 2.0 is the Latest Evolution of Coffee Technology

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I like to drink coffee. Lots of it. During the workweek, it gets the morning off to a good start. In my downtime, I enjoy my joe in a more leisurely manner. I drink it with breakfast or I will often pair my coffee with a nice cigar on a lazy afternoon. Today was one of those afternoons and the perfect time to try out the new Keurig 2.0 (Model K550).

I removed my old Keurig from the counter. The Elite B40 has treated my family and friends to many cups of coffee, but I was looking forward to its newer, shiny sibling.

Setting up the Keurig K550 was pretty simple. The instructions were straightforward and clear. The exception to this was figuring out how to install the optional water filter. I was able to go to YouTube to find out how to install it because I didn’t find it in the instructions.

The Keurig K550 features a large color touchscreen display. The display makes programming a breeze. I was able to set the time and automatic brew so that I can grab my cup on the go. Hot water is available on-demand in the event you want it.

The touchscreen display is the only control on the Keurig K550, keeping things simple and easy to manage. This is where you access the 10 brew settings for the machine. The reservoir holds an incredible 80 ounces of water, minimizing the need for constant refills and maximizing my favorite feature of this Keurig. The reservoir has a customizable night light with four choices of colors to choose from.

The Keurig K550 comes with a 32-ounce carafe that can hold up to 4-5 cups depending on the setting you put it on. This makes Saturday morning a lot easier. Keurig currently has eight flavors of “K-Carafe” coffees to choose from with more flavors and beverages to come. It is good to know that I am still able to brew a single cup of coffee or have the ability to brew a carafe. One drawback to the carafe, it is not insulated and can only be replaced on the machine with one made by Keurig for USD $29.99.

Keurig has always had some of the best coffee and beverage selections in the business. I was not disappointed with the Green Mountain French Roast that I brewed in the carafe. It will be good when Keurig begins to offer more varieties of beverages in the “K-Carafe” packs. Not so good was the fact that Keurig 2.0 will not allow you to use your existing “K-Cups”. You can only use the special “K-Cups 2.0” in the K550.

If you are a coffee drinker and like the convenience of coffee-by-the-cup, but also like the option of brewing a little extra, the Keurig K550 is a good pick.


  • Touchscreen Display
  • Easy set-up
  • Auto brewing
  • 32-oz. carafe


  • The carafe is not insulated
  • Currently, there is a limited variety of coffees to choose from for the carafe
  • You cannot use your existing K-Cups. Only operates with the “K-Cups 2.0”

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  1. I’m excited about the option of brewing more than one cup of coffee at a time. Right now, when we have company, everyone ends up pretty much waiting in line to brew a cup of coffee.

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