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5 Men’s Fashion Trends for Fall 2014
As the temperatures start to drop and visions of pumpkins and spice start to dance in our heads, men’s thoughts turn away from shorts... 5 Men’s Fashion Trends for Fall 2014

As the temperatures start to drop and visions of pumpkins and spice start to dance in our heads, men’s thoughts turn away from shorts and t-shirts to leather jackets and sweaters. This fall, the trends in men’s fashion are more casual than previous seasons while remaining stylish and progressive. This season’s fashions range from rugged western to updated gym wear.

If you’re wondering what to wear this fall, here are 5 men’s fashion trends that are sure to keep you looking great.

Casual Pinstripes

pinstripe suit

Pinstripes got a bad rap during the financial crisis because they were associated with bankers and no one wanted to look like a banker. You will not be confused with a banker in this seasons pinstripe suits and blazers. They are more contemporary, stylish and playful. Pinstripes add a bit of panache and elegance to any outfit and the new crop doesn’t disappoint. The pinstripes can be subtle like the ones in the Canali suit pictured above, or as thick as chalk lines. Look to Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci for this seasons hottest pinstripe looks.



Regis Philbin made the monochromatic look (dressing in one color) hot in the 90s when he was the host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. This look, like many looks from the 90s, is making a comeback (see our article on the return of Cross Colours). Look for tailored pieces and mix things up with different fabrics and textures (wool pants, with a cotton shirt, knit tie, and denim jacket for example). Add a pop of color to break things up and add a bit of interest to the outfit.

Sporty Style

tailored sweats

Say goodbye to baggy sweats and shorts. This is the era of tailored, fashion-forward gym wear. These pants are not only comfortable, but they are also made to be dressed up or dressed down. Feel free to pair them with cardigan, t-shirt and sneakers or add an unstructured blazer with loafers.

Corduroy Suits

corduroy suit

With the arrival of the fall, we can welcome the return of heavier weight casual suits, such as this Corduroy suits have come a long way since their heyday in the 70s. Today’s corduroy suits are made with softer materials and have more flexibility. You can break up the suit and wear the pants and jacket separately to create new looks.


western fashion

Western wear appeals to men because it’s a rugged look. With elements of denim, suede, and leather, this season’s styles keep all of the ruggedness while adding some upscale touches. While traditional western brands such as Ariat, Stetson, Cinch, Roar, and Wrangler continue to make top notch apparel, high-end brands such as Prada, Versace (see photo above), and Etro are designing haute leather jackets, western blazers, and denim. You can accessorize your western look with bananas, bolo ties, leather bracelets, and belt buckles. Be sure to get some well-made cowboy boots. You can’t go wrong with Lucchese. Cowboy hats are optional.

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