Behind the Music with Aloe Blacc

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In a world of copycats and prefabricated pop music, Aloe Blacc stands out as an artist who isn’t afraid to experiment.

“I think ultimately what will make people fall in love with my artistry is that they know that they can get something that’s high quality and something that’s different every go-round,” says Blacc.

Blacc started as a hip-hop artist, often sampling jazz chords and folk tunes in his work. As he explored these different musical genres, he began to evolve as an artist.

“I fell in love with hip hop,” says Blacc. “But I found my way to soul music and folk music. That’s what I feel I make now – a hybrid [of musical styles]. I feel like folk and soul is where my lyrics and voice rest.”

In this video, Blacc discusses his musical evolution, creative process, and concept behind his innovative video for his song, “Love is the Answer.”

You can also listen to tracks from his album, “Lift Your Spirit” (available on Amazon)

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