3 Fresh and Sophisticated Men’s Fragrances That Will Improve Your Scent Game

Smelling nice has its advantages, and a nice men’s fragrance applied properly, will give you a leg up on the poor schmuck who invested in a drug store body spray. But before we get into our recommended men’s fragrances, let’s go over some rules about wearing fragrances:

1. Less is more. If oxygen masks drop from the plane when you board, you’ve used too much.

2. Cologne is not a substitute for showering. Bathing is the only substitute for showering. Bathing in cologne doesn’t count.

3. Avoid applying fragrances to sensitive areas. Trust me on this one.

Now that we’ve gone over the rules, we can talk about 3 men’s fragrances that will help you to improve your scent game.

Vert Edition Eau de Lacoste Vert L.12.12

lacoste cologne

I’m a child of the 80s and that little Lacoste alligator holds a special place in my heart. It was the foundation of my preppy junior-high style. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve noticed that LaCoste has grown up too. The brand is a blend of rugged sophistication and classic American style. Their new men’s fragrance, Eau De LaCoste L.12.12 Vert, captures the essence of these attributes. The fragrance opens with citrus notes – bergamot, verbena, and grapefruit. These bright aromas are balanced by hints of blue lavender, thyme, violet leaf, and fig. The sparkling scent of bamboo grass rounds out the scent’s profile. If you can incorporate these elements of the scent’s profile into a casual conversation, you get extra style points.

American Crew Nine


american crew

If Neil deGrasse Tyson weren’t so busy studying the cosmos, he probably would have been a member of the scientific team that developed this fragrance. Using science to breakdown the chemistry of attraction, the team formulated American Crew Nine to elicit a powerful reaction from women. In fact, Nine was created and tested to be liked by nine out of ten women (The 10th woman must be married to that 5th dentist who doesn’t want you to chew gum). This fresh, seductive fragrance contains notes of apple and lavender for balance, cloves for a slight spice, and musk and amber for a masculine base. Thank you science. Men around the world owe you a debt of gratitude.

James Bond 007 Quantum

james Bond 007 quantum

You want to be James Bond. Every guy does. But before you apply to be an MI6 agent, you need to do a few things first. Buy yourself a perfectly tailored tuxedo and wear it with confidence, learn how to order a drink at a bar with authority, and apply a dash of Quantum behind your ears. This intensely masculine fragrance opens with potent juniper berries and transitions into a deep woods accord with the influence of Sandalwood. What I like most about this fragrance is the elegant packaging. It looks like a flask that Bond would discretely store in his jacket pocket for those times when a man needs a sip of a martini (shaken, not stirred of course).

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