Columbia Crest Turns Wine Drinkers Into Winemakers with Crowdsourced Cabernet
My home state of Texas has several vineyards, and I often visit the wineries with my friends to sample the local wine varieties. After a few trips, however, I realized that my friends weren’t so keen on my tagging along. I’m the guy who asks all of the questions on the wine making... Read more
Newly Unearthed Photographs of Miles Davis to be Featured at Morrison Hotel Gallery
Top Chefs’ Favorite Restaurants
I like food. As a consequence, I spend much time visiting different restaurants. When I’m at home, I’m either cooking or bingeing on Food Network shows. As I’m watching my favorite chefs prepare delicious meals, I often wonder where they like to go out to eat (other than their own establishments, of course). I’m... Read more
2014 Restaurant Trends
There is a quote in the movie, “When Harry Met Sally,” that explains the cultural importance of restaurants. “Restaurants are to people in the 80s what theater was to people in the 60s.” Three decades later, restaurants play an even bigger role in our society. With the rise of celebrity chefs,... Read more
The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in America
As a frequent traveler, I spend a lot of time in restaurants. Most of the time, I’m content with finding a small local establishment that gives me a flavor of the city and allows me to connect with some residents. But sometimes I need to find a more upscale restaurant... Read more
Two Fun Days in Miami Beach, FL
24 Hours in Santa Barbara, CA
Although I’m a proud Texan, I have a secret crush on California. I love the scenery, weather, beaches, and laid back vibe. Over the years, I’ve visited all of the major cities, except for one – Santa Barbara. Last month, I finally got the chance to visit the city that... Read more
A Man’s Guide to Vegas
Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas has plenty of activities that don’t include gambling or finding a tiger in your hotel room. I’ve been to Las Vegas several times and I’ve experienced many different things. I’ve raced a Ferrari, attended shows (my favorite is George Wallace), and eaten at spectacular restaurants. I... Read more
Restaurant Review: Tetsu Teppan Grill – Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas is quickly becoming America’s food mecca. Nearly every celebrity chef has set up shop in the city and the dining options are growing exponentially. I recently dined at Tetsu, Chef Masa Takayama’s first teppan concept. Tetsu is an intimate and interactive dining experience that offers guests a taste... Read more
3 Perfect Days in Detroit
Last year, I visited Detroit on my way back from Canada. Although I was in the city for only one night, all of my friends warned me not to leave my hotel room. They had heard all of the negative reports about the city and feared for my safety.... Read more